Factors to Consider When Home Schooling

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There are a lot of reasons to choose to home school your kids. Maybe you don't like the way your local schools are run. Perhaps you don't like the curriculum used in the schools. Sometimes it's the family bonds. Perhaps you don't like public school and private school isn't financially possible for you. Maybe you have your own educational ideas. Whatever the reason you might be thinking of homeschooling, it is important that you not overlook your curriculum choices. How do you choose your homeschooling curriculum? Read the remainder of this article for some popular options.

How about Charlotte Mason's method? Charlotte mason was an important educator at the turn of the twentieth century. Her focus was on life, discipline and atmosphere. There are two main focuses, living books, and the homes atmosphere overall. Her methods were very strict ("discipline") and centered on forming good study and academic habits while also making sure that the schooling subjects were easily approached through "living" examples instead of just dry facts. There are lots of places to buy Charlotte Mason's curriculum (or new materials that embrace her curriculum approaches).

Your kids are still required to take the standardized tests sent out by the government and state even if you're home schooling them. Brick and mortar schools set aside days every year for the students to take these tests. Your kids may need to take these tests in a "traditional classroom" so you will need to contact your local school board if you want to proctor them yourself at home. Some school systems even set aside certain days for home schooled kids to take the test together.

Your local school board will be your best resource in determining how to approach these yearly standardized tests.

There are several factors to consider when planning your home school approach and curriculum. Your child's personal learning style is the first thing you need to consider. Your strengths and weaknesses as a teacher also need to be considered. The nice thing about home schooling is that you have more freedom to play up your strengths as you put together your curriculum. You will be able to play to everyone's strengths, really, as you won't be stuck with strict curriculum practices or units. it is a proven fact that home schooling is valuable to your kids. Most home schooled kids do better on tests as well as in college. Family bonds are stronger with home schooled kids. This is good news for those who've thought about home schooling but worried about it's efficacy. Before you consider home schooling you need to research curricula so you know which one you will uses. Do some research and talk to other parents. A path for you to follow will be the result of your hard work!
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Factors to Consider When Home Schooling

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This article was published on 2010/10/15