Do Home Schooled Kids Do Better in College?

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Increasing budget cuts have more parents opting to homeschool their kids. While it was once very rare to choose to teach your kids at home, now lots of families choose to do just that. Studies done on homeschooled children show a tendency to perform better later in life, at college and work, and they score better on tests. Homeschooled children have stronger family bonds according to these same studies. Knowing that is all well and good, of course, but making the decision to homeschool your kids is just one part of the process.

Deciding upon the curriculum is another. Use the following tips to help you in doing so.

What do you know about Charlotte Mason's method? Charlotte Mason is well known as a turn of the century educator in the twentieth century. She approached education with three major focuses: life, discipline and atmosphere. The home's atmosphere and living books are the focus involved here. The methods were strict and centered mostly on good study habits while incorporating subjects that were easy to understand without the dry facts. You can locate this curriculum at many home school bookstores. Nowadays Diane Lockman's Authentic Classic Trivium is becoming quite well known as a homeschooling curriculum. Many who desire a christian based way to teach their children will like the curriculum in this option. Although the name seems to insinuate a type of schooling like those in a classical archetypes it really doesn't. This method focuses on three pillars of thought language and speech. Parents like this program because it allows a lot of freedom.

Sometimes one of the better methods for picking out your home schooling curriculum is to spend some money on boxed sets for a variety of lessons. You can benefit with some structure added to your day and your lesson plans, form the boxed sets. When you need to figure out your technique for a particular unit or lesson plan, the will be helpful because they often times comes with books and teaching materials to help you. One of the advantages to the boxed set is that you aren't required to use everything-it is totally up to you to pick and choose, especially if you think you have better ideas. Also, you don't have to totally rely upon the boxed set for your curriculum-you can pick sets for the topics that you don't yet have in your curriculum. Home schooling has been proven to be quite valuable to children. Those kids who are home schooled are proven to score better on tests and do better in college. They also have stronger family bonds than kids who were sent to private or public schools. for a long time people have worried about this very thing and been afraid to try home schooling because of it. Before you start teaching your kids at home you will need to know which curriculum you intend to use. Find some other home schooling parents to discuss what they think works as well as do your own research. Your path will become apparent!
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Do Home Schooled Kids Do Better in College?

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This article was published on 2010/10/15